Am I back?

Lots of things have happened to me since you guys saw me last........For one, I'm now married! Yes, it's been over a year since I last posted anything on my blog and as I can testify, a lot can happen in a year. Among other things, I've now moved to the US and am getting used to so many different things! It's a whole new life for me and I am excited at the endless possibilities.

Which brings me back to my blog. Am I really back? Blogging is something that got me through the toughest years of my life. I held on to two things that I love: reading and my own opinion about what I read :P. I have loved every moment that I spent on my blog but now I somehow can't find the time. I'm amazed to say I haven't touched a book in a long time and I haven't even been to the local library yet! I'm somewhat shocked at myself but starting a new life kind of takes up all your time. But as things are beginning to settle down I keep telling myself that I want to, no need to, read. I want to open a book and snuggle in my blanket with a cup of hot cocoa in my hand; I want to step into another world for a few hours everyday. Maybe it's the boring routine I'm settling into that has woken me up!

Anyway, as things are, I plan to start reading at the first oppurtunity..............yes, I know, I shouldn't be planning, just DOING! Well, hopefully you'll soon see some activity on my blog again and new worlds that you can also escape into :).