About Me

I love to read. Obviously, otherwise I would never have started a book blog. But more than reading, I love talking about books. Discussing them, re-hashing over favorite parts, re-reading the dialogues and discussing characters or alternate endings - this is what reading is all about. It's almost like a different world in which I can imagine the characters are real.

Book blogging has become more of a review based blog that simply tells potential readers whether a book is good or not. I want it to be more than that. While right now I haven't actually attained that goal, I want to build up the type of followers with whom I can chat. Chat about books we have read, the type of books that we would want to read, and suggestion of books we might find enjoyable.

Everyone's heard about famous, classical writers. Hardy, Dickens, Eliot, Ibsen and Shakespeare are all known to readers even if we haven't read them all. But blogging is also about readers finding similar interests and new, contemporary writers that satisfy those interests. I have been on the search for new writers for so long, but so far, classical writers have not met their equal. Book blogging can help with all that if I find people who are always on the search for a new writer.

Some great blogs I follow actually have helped me find newer contemporary writers, but I hope some day soon, people whose taste matches mine can help me to find the books that I would relish reading. Feel free to contact me and make suggestions about books I should read at coolnmisty(at)gmail(dot)com. Right now, my blog follows the routine of reading, writing, and posting the summary and my impression of books. All ideas are welcome ....

I am in the initial stages of book blogging and hope to bring more changes soon :).