Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Carnival

The year is coming to an end and with it the last edition of the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Carnival. I discovered this reading challenge really late in the year, and since then I've contributed quite a lot of books. But since I still have plenty of Agatha Christie mysteries to read, I hope that the challenge is continued next year as well!

Awaiting the monthly edition of the challenge was the highlight of the month for me! The great number of contributers shows you how much Agatha Christie is still loved. This is my progress on the number of Christie's books I've read this year:

That makes a total of 19 books. With over 50 books left to read, see you next year!


Kerrie said...

Well done Sarah! You are doing very well

Sarah said...

Thanks Kerrie :). I think your reading challenge is great and hope you continue it next year!