Footsteps in the Dark

I really enjoyed this book. It was somewhat long, didn't have as much romance as I would have liked and was slow in developing; but despite all this, I enjoyed reading it. Maybe it's because I'm incurably addicted to Heyer and unconditionally love all her books. Or maybe it's because I have started reading after a year and a mystery was just what I needed! Whatever the reason, I finished the book and started another all in the course of one day and find that I have to say something about it.

Margaret, Peter, and Celia come to the Priory: a house they have inherited from a relative. The sisters are captivated by its charming, old-world look and convince Peter, their brother, and Charles, Celia's husband, to stay. It is only later that they discover that the house is supposed to be haunted by a mysterious Monk who randomly appears and scares away any tenants. The story is so popular that no one dares to go near the place and consequently it has remained deserted.

The mystery increases when members of the family begin seeing the Monk themselves and hearing eerie cries around the place. Is it possible that the Priory really is haunted? Celia thinks so when they discover a skeleton which mysteriously falls out of a hidden priest hole.

Peter and Charles are not so convinced. They set out on a hunt to find the human presence they believe is behind the sightings. Someone is trying to scare them away. But why? Lack of any apparent reason trumps them until...........

A nice read. I only wish that Heyer had been more imaginative in the uncovering of the mystery. I would have liked more rational deduction by the characters. What was lacking in the novel were deductible clues; this would have invested readers who like to put their own brain cells to use in uncovering a mystery.

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