Friday's Child

Sheringham, rejected by the woman he believes he loves, vows to marry the first lady he sees. This happens to be his childhood friend and adorer Hero Wantage. Whisking her off to London, Sheringham marries Hero and buys a house. But married life is not what Sheringham thought it would be. Rescuing Hero from social blunders become his constant job. What will he do when she commits a mistake which even he can't undo? Hero soon finds out..................

Some thoughts
Friday's Child promised to follow one of the themes I like best in Georgette Heyer (spoilers): only after marriage does the couple realize they love and respect one another. But it was full of disappointment for one simple reason: it was too long. Added to that was the fact that Hero, the heroine (I know!) was apt to make too many mistakes. I am the first to admit that there is some charm in a heroine who makes certain social blunders and lightens up the stuffy atmosphere; but innocence and plain stupidity are two different things! I may be being a bit too harsh here, but I found Hero exhausting and only wondered that Sheringham didn't as well.

The side story fared little better. Isabella Milborne, the childhood friend of Sheringham and Hero, can't figure out her own heart. It takes considerable heartbreat, a rejected suitor, and a scandal before she finds out who she loves. Things follow the normal Heyer drift with people finding eachother at unexpected places and others rushing to track down runaways or lost or otherwise misplaced people etc.. All in all, not one of my favorite Heyer romances.

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